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Goetia Magic Pro

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Goetia Magic Pro is a simple and easy to use app for invocation and evocation on the go, comprised of a summery of the Goetia (The Lesser Keys of Solomon/Lemmegaton) 17th century magical grimoire which includes the complete 72 Jinn / Genie spirits along with the magic seals / talismans by which they are summoned and evoked / invoked, the 72 corresponding Holy Angels which are used to bind the Jinn, a list of correspondences such as bible verses and rank, an overview of the triangle of art, the magic circle, the brass vessel and additional pentacles of King Solomon of which some was passed down to him by his father King David. This App may be used in the pursuit of magical powers, success, wealth, love and anything else one desires. King Solomon also allegedly received much of his wisdom from the Holy Spirit and much of his work is included in the Holy Bible. The Goetia has been popularized by the likes of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley who was a ritual magician and occultist of the early 1900's and also the founder of Thelema / Do What Thou Wilt. The Goetia has become especially known among people of all walks of life including the new age movement, those who practice the Kabbalah, Devil worshipers, Satanists, White magicians, Freemasons and even new age Christians. This art may have also been used by John Dee, a 16th century magician, spy and occultist who was the founder of Enochian Magick. Accomplish all you have desired like wisdom, love, wealth, money, success, knowledge and more by the use of demons and angels. Goeetia Magic Pro; a must for the Master and the Adept. (Note: Use with care, demons, angels and spirits are very real and when called will answer always.)